Using data to support citizen-centric sustainable urban development

How do cities in the Global South currently employ data-driven approaches to support citizen-centric sustainable urban development? How do government and citizens engage in this process? In what ways do data support these engagements? How do different governance models and structures support or inhibit citizen-centric practices? 

This website is devoted to a PhD project, which aims to explore how cities in the ‘Global South currently employ data-driven approaches to promote citizen-centric sustainable urban development. The research will employ grounded theory and qualitative research methods to examine case studies of cities in how their governments engage with city communities and vice versa in dealing with urban sustainability challenges, and the ways data supports these engagements. The PhD will draw on the experience of the cities in different economic and social contexts to understand how they have adopted ‘citizen-centric’ practices to address specific urban issues. Overall, the PhD will contribute to developing an insight and understanding of data-driven citizen-centric practices ‘on the ground’ used to support sustainable urban development, which as demonstrated in the literature review are scarce and focused primarily on experience in countries of the ‘Global North’. The findings will help to provide basis for a theoretical framework for using data for citizen engagement in urban context in the less developed countries. 

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